Canicross-Set, X-Back Zuggeschirr, Jöring- Leine - black-neon orange pedding

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Are you or do you want to become an avid amateur sportsman in dog sports, or even a professional!? The Lasaline Canicross set with top quality design, is ideal, whether Canicross, inline skating, hiking, touring, both in the professional and in the recreational area. Whether long or short distances, this set ensures lasting quality and thus guarantees a lot of fun. It consists of a Canicross belt, a Jöring leash and an X Back harness.

This harness perfectly adapts to optimum power transfer, so the dog feels free even under tensile load, allowing it to easily handle any obstacles or challenging situations. The X straps hold the back stable and support it, as the dogs in the sport of pulling a high thrust force on the hind legs apply. Therefore, the X Back harness is optimal even for not yet trained dogs recreational area

The matching Canicross line with integrated shock absorbers is available in 1.80m or 2.10m. The leash and the X-back harness are also ideal for bike jöring and scooter driving. The length 1,80m is recommended for canicross, touring, dogtrekking, etc. The length 2.10m we recommend for bike-Jöring, ski-Jöring, Scooter, etc ..

The abdominal belt fits perfectly and comfortably into the waist thanks to its ergonomic shape, while the high-quality breathable padding ensures a lasting, comfortable feeling on the back. The hip circumference reaches up to 110cm. In addition, this is all around the band equipped with reflectors for more security

It is important to choose the right size of the dishes. These can be found in the size chart. The chest circumference b, the back length A to C (withers to tail approach) and the weight are the relevant factors. Should they come with the table on different sizes or can not be better put their four-legged friends in the table, then they are based more on the weight in the table. Of course you can also contact us for a size consultation. Just tell us the breed, chest size (b), weight, back length (withers or shoulder to tail, A-C) and we recommend the right size.



Note: The X Back is only recommended for adult dogs over 12 months of age. Furthermore, it should be ensured that her four-legged friends should have healthy hips for the dog train, or otherwise this should be discussed with the veterinarian before.

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