Northern Howl Canicross Sport Harness in black with Reflectors - FBA

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Do you like running, jogging, hiking or touring with your dog or do you want to do it more professionally like canicross or dog trekking? All these types of dog sport and train sports are undoubtedly suitable for every dog ​​owner without having to work hard. You can do this at any time of the day or year. You keep yourself fit and give your dog what he needs. It's a great experience to walk with your dog and have your hands free, without having to worry about your darling making a quick escape.

The dog harness put on, the leash attached and a running belt or Canicross belt. It is important that you use a harness for your dog, which is also suitable for tensile load, especially if you also Canicross or Dogtrekking operates. Also, it should be suitable if the four-legged partner is not always moving forward and occasionally falls back or runs along side by side. Our Canicross short crockery meets all these requirements.

This dog harness is adjustable in size in the chest area. The pull point is located between the middle and the back of the back, making a pleasant nibenbei running his dog possible and pleasant. A constant running ahead of his dog on train is therefore not mandatory. The wide contact surface at the neck runs further over the chest to the rear, thus evenly distributing the tensile force with main draw point in the chest area.

The Northern Howl Canicross harness is ideal for jogging, hiking, touring, professional canicross, dog trekking and skijoring. Lightweight, but not heavier work on the bike or scooter on shorter routes can be done easily with this harness. For more frequent and stronger work for a dog train port like Bikejöring or scootering we strongly recommend a suitably suitable dog harness such as the X Back or Race harness, which is also in our assortment.

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