Air Mesh Fabric

What is Air Mesh ?

3D Airmesh, or often referred to as 3D mesh fabric, is, as the name implies, a three-dimensional synthetic fabric or fabric in which the smallest stable synthetic fibers keep the front and back of the fabric at a certain distance from each other. Often it is also called spacer knitwear.


Why Airmesh ?

This fabric has an excellent air-circulating property due to the sandwich structure described above. Therefore, this substance does not absorb water and is dry in no time or minutes. Due to the stable microfibers between the front and back, it also has a very good cushioning effect. The material is also tear-resistant, and does not lose any fuzz at rubbing points.


Where is Airmesh used ?

It is used as upholstery material, as in back protectors, on the back of backpacks, for sports shoes, as a mattress pad, furniture covers, car seat covers, etc., as it does not absorb moisture as described above and dries very quickly. It is also a very popular application for example in the manufacture of dog harnesses, dog collars and much more. Our Airmesh is used, among other things, for the production of our Canicross belts and Canicross harnesses.


We offer

Our Airmesh has a width of 1,60m and a thickness of 3-4mm. We ship the goods from 1 running meter (running meter). Every meter is checked for top quality and handed over to insured shipping within 24 hours.

For questions about our Airmesh, we are happy to help you at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

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