Hands free Dog Leash with integrated Bungee

For Canicross it is necessary to use a good fitting leash. The Canicross leash connects you to your four-legged friend, who supports you with his traction. This way you can make long stretches through forests and meadows, even if you are not yet fully trained. Since dogs and humans naturally have a different step, it is necessary to use a leash with a shock absorber that absorbs the shocks from the different step. This protects your back and the joints of your four-legged friend, and enjoys more comfort when running.

Our Jöring or Canicross leashes are made of an absolutely tear-resistant material, sewn several times and equipped with an integrated shock absorber. The lines are made in different lengths and colors. A line length of 1.80m is suitable and recommended for canicross. We also have double leashes for two dogs in our range, which are also equipped with an integrated shock absorber.

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