Hands free Dog Leash with integrated Bungee - blue

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Free hands while running with the dog is a great thing. The Northern Howl tug line is perfect for dog sports such as canicross, bikejoring, skijoring, dogtrekking, scootering, touring, hillwalking and much more.
The built-in shock absorber ensures a balance of different streaks between human and animal. This protects both the back of the dog and yours.
The length is available in 1,80m and 2,10m.
The shorter version is suitable for canicross, jogging, mountain hiking, etc. For very zugfreudige dogs can be accessed in these sports, of course, the 2.10m variant, since in this case, the leash sags less often.
The variant with 2,10m is recommended for sports such as biking and scootering, as a longer version provides more safety by the safety distance to your dear four-legged friend is greater.

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