Hands free Dog Leash with integrated Bungee - black

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There is nothing more pleasant than free hands when running with your dog. The Northern Howl pull leash is exactly suitable for this, it can be used in conjunction with a waist belt as a jogging line as well as for dog sports like canicross, bikejoring, skijoring, dog trekking, scootering, tours, mountain hiking and much more.

The special thing about this towing line is the super light aluminum carabiner with a very high load capacity, up to 400kg pulling load. This results in a very high level of comfort, especially for your four-legged friend, because no matter how much running activity he feels no equipment, and promotes the feeling of freedom and fun in sports even more. This leash is therefore suitable for both small and large breeds due to the high resilience and low weight of the carabiner. In addition, the built-in shock absorber compensates for the different step rhythm between humans and animals. This protects both the back of the dog and yours.

The length is available in 142 cm and 194 cm, in the extended state these are 200 cm and 260 cm. Among other things, this usually corresponds to the rules in competitions of the different dog sport associations.

The shorter version is suitable for canicross, jogging, mountain hiking, etc.
The longer version with 194cm is recommended for sports such as bikejoring, scootering, skijoring, etc., since a longer version provides more safety by increasing the safety distance from your dear four-legged friends.

The line is standard with a black tear-resistant hose webbing, 1 super light aluminum carabiner for a high tensile load and an integrated shock absorber.
The other end is provided with a loop. This can be used as a comfortable hand strap for going for a walk or just to attach to a bike, scooter or waist belt depending on the design, for example if the running belt is provided with a ring at the front.

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