Northern Howl Canicross Sport Harness in black with Reflectors

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Northern Howl
Canicross Pull Harness, adjustable


Suitable for the following dog sports for lighter tensile loads:

Running, Jogging, Hiking, Touring, Canicross, Skijoring, Dogtrekking

Size: Available in sizes from XXS to XXL


WHY the Canicross Pull Harness?

If your dog is not always on the train and often runs on the side, then this Canicross pull harness is the right choice!It is recommended for lighter traction work such as Canicross or Jogging and not suitable for heavy traction work such as Dogscootering, Bikejoring or Sledding!

Besides the great advantage of enjoying nature with your dear four-legged friend and at the same time  have both hands free,the other features of the Canicross dog harness stand out very well:

•  This dog harness is adjustable in size in the chest area;

•  The Jöring or Canicross leash can be hooked between the middle and rear back area, which also makes it possible and pleasant to run side by side together with your dog. A constant running ahead of the dog on train is therefore not mandatory;

•  The wide contact surface at the neck continues over the chest to the back and thus evenly distributes the traction force with the main traction point in the chest area;

•  In addition, the harness is equipped with reflectors on the sides and top for greater safety at any time of day.


Select correct Size:

Use the following Size Chart to define the correct size of the Pull Harness. You are also welcome to simply contact us and we will advise you on the size selection. Customer service is very important to us!


Größentabelle Canicross Geschirr

Lena Beckmann 18-08-2019 20:25

Ein super geschirr. Wir haben eins, aber ein zweites wird folgen. Lässt sich im Sportbereich (joggen, dogtrekking) sowie auch im privaten Bereich super einsetzen

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