LasaLine Hands free Dog Joring Leash -2 Carabiners -black

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There is nothing more pleasant than having your hands free while running with your dog or pulling your bike and having a lot of fun. The LasaLine pull leash is ideal for this, it can be used both in connection with a waist belt as a jogging leash and for dog sports such as canicross, bikejoring, skijoring, dog trekking, scootering, tours, mountain hiking and much more.

The leash is equipped at both ends with a brass carabiner, which is characterized by its high quality, durability and, above all, its unrestricted function in freezing temperatures. In addition, the built-in shock absorber compensates for the different step rhythm between humans and animals, and shocks are absorbed during scootering or bikejöring, which is gentle on your animal and, above all, ensures lasting fun in the sport. The carabiner can be easily removed on one side, what remains is a loop. This can be used both as a comfortable hand strap for going for a walk, or when you take a break, then you simply save having to carry a walking leash.

The length is optionally available in 142cm and 194cm, in the extended state these are 200cm and 260cm. Among other things, this mostly corresponds to the rules for competitions of the various dog sport associations.

The shorter version is recommended for canicross, jogging, mountain hiking, etc.
The longer version with 194cm is suitable for sports such as bikejöring, scootering, skijoring, etc., as a longer version ensures more safety by increasing the safety distance to your beloved four-legged friends.

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