Race Weight Pulling Dogharness, adjustable

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To be athletic with the dog is a wonderful hobby for many owners of a four-legged friend. You stay fit and calm your conscience, to really give your dog what he wants and take it.

The Norther Howl Race Dog Harness offers the best option for the four-legged friend and his owner. The dog can use his full power and is ideally suited for the dog train sport such as Bikejöring, Dogscooting, sledging. If the four-legged friends also like to pull while jogging, it is also ideal for Canicross. The wide contact surface around the neck continues over the chest. At the same time a part of the tensile force is also derived at the top. This ensures a uniform distribution of traction from front to back. The free-lying back gives the dog in every way an unrestricted sense of freedom, which greatly increases the joy of the movement. With this harness, her dog wants to work out with a guarantee, which at the same time has a gentle effect on the body and promotes muscle growth.

This harness is adjustable in length and in the rear even in width. Thus, it fits as well as any breed / mix. It is upholstered on the inside with Airmesh. Both the upholstery and the external material do not absorb water. It dries immediately, is tear-resistant and of the highest quality in its durability.

Size Chart

Size     Neck circumference     Back length (+ - 2/3 cm.)

1                  42 cm              58 cm

2                  44 cm.             62 cm

3                  45 cm              64 cm

4                  46 cm              66 cm

5                  47 cm              68 cm

6                  49 cm              70 cm

7                  50 cm              74 cm

8                  52 cm              78 cm

The back length is measured from the neck to the base of the tail. The dishes sit relatively full with a wide contact surface around the neck.

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