LASALINE Double Lead with Integrated Shock Absorber for 2 Dogs - Black - FBA

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LASALINE™ Double Lead for two Dogs

Suitable for the following dog pulling sports:

Canicross, Bikejöring, Skijöring, Dogscooting, Dogtrekking, Sledging, for all breeds, sport and sled dogs. 

Colour: black

Length: 142 cm or 194 cm

The length of 142 cm is recommended for canicross, jogging, dogtrekking, touring

The length of 194 cm is recommended for dogscooter, bikejöring, skijöring, sledge sports


Double leash with shock absorber for 2 dogs is made of a 25 mm hose belt with integrated shock absorber and 2 pieces of brass carabiners. The line length is optionally available in 194 cm or 142 cm. The pull line is for 2 dogs and is equipped with a brass carabiner at each end. At the other end there is a loop that can be used to attach another carabiner. Furthermore, this loop can be attached to the pulling device of a scooter, a bike or to a waist belt as shown in the picture. The loop can also be used as a normal hand loop to use the double leash as a dog leash for walking or to keep the dogs on a leash during breaks from sporting activities.

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