Handsfree Dog Walking Running Jogging Waist Belt - black

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As every dog ​​owner knows, it is a great pleasure to enjoy nature with your dog while having both hands free. More and more dog lovers are practicing the typical and increasingly popular dog sports canicross, dog trekking, ski and bikejöring, as well as jogging, running, touring, mountain hiking, etc.

This running belt is accordingly wide on the back, where the pulling force of your dog is transmitted most, and is continuously narrowing towards the front. Thus, the belt gives you as much freedom of movement as possible and you hardly feel it. Whether after longer tours or greater stress, an optimal and ergonomic seat is guaranteed in the long term.

Another special feature is the pankik clasp on the right side. This can be opened in seconds with a single movement, and the red strap or carabiner is immediately released from the belt.
The extremely light twist lock carabiner made of aluminum with a tensile strength of up to 400kg can withstand any load. The serrated safety lock of the carabiner can be easily opened with a quarter turn and one hand. Due to its lightness, the comfort is increased again a lot. So it doesn't matter whether your four-legged friend keeps the leash properly under tension with its supportive pulling force or whether it lets it sag longer. You don't feel a carabiner swinging around. Due to the flexibility of the hook of 180 Grand from the very left to the right, your four-legged friend can walk next to it or pull it sideways, you hardly notice a difference.

The padding consists of an air-circulating air mesh. This dries immediately, makes longer tours pleasant and is comfortable to wear.

This waist belt is optionally available with and without leg loops. Sometimes, depending on the body structure, the belt has a tendency to slide up. In this case, the leg loops ensure that the belt stays in place. These can also be removed from the belt as desired.
The circumference of this belt is continuously adjustable up to a hip circumference of 120cm. The color is black outside and inside. The strap on which the carabiner is located is red.

This canicross belt makes dog sport a positive experience for dogs together with mistress.

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