Weight Pulling Dog Harness, X - Back Style for Canicross, Bike, Sled, Scooter, Bike-, Ski-Joring, Jogging,... in red

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Northern Howl professional X-Back Weight Pulling Dog Harnesses - in different sizes for ALL BREEDS, Husky & sled dogs, made from extremely durable 25mm wide webbing material. In the neck and chest areas the harness is equipped with padding with a very soft, breathable, tear resistant material (Airmesh), which has been tested to avoid wear and tear on the coat and skin of the animal, and 4 times stitched for extreme conditions. Additionally, the X Back is fitted with fabric reflectors on the side of the harness and neck area (please refer to photo gallery). These harnesses are perfectly suited for optimum power transfer, so the dog feels comfortable and secure even under tensile load and thus can cope with any obstacles and challenging situations easily. To make the correct size selection measure your dogs Chest, and Back Length A to C (withers to tail) as shown in the photo.

Size Chart (approximate specifications) for all breeds especially Siberian husky or Alaskan malamute:

Size A to C / Chest (at the largest point) / Weight

XS : 41 cm/56 - 59 cm / till 15 kg  

S: 48 cm /60 - 63 cm /16 - 20 kg

M: 51 cm / 64-67 cm / 20 - 24 kg

L: 54 cm / 68 - 69 cm / 22 - 25 kg

XL: 57 cm / 70-74 cm / 25 - 29 kg

XXL: 61 cm / 75 - 80 cm / 30 - 35 kg

3XL: 67 cm / > 81 cm / > 36 kg.

These sizes are not standard dimensions for all dog breeds/mixes, as the back length is not always dependent on the Chest measurement. The size of the X-Back will vary depending on the size ratio between the back length and the chest circumference. Should you therefore not find the correct dimensions above, and/or your dog has a very different shape in terms of physique, then we are happy to advise you on the correct size choice. Simple let us know the breed/breed mix of your dog, back length A to C, chest circumference, and weight, and then we can recommend the right size of harness for your dog.

Stella 24-08-2018 11:31

Das Geschirr passt nun nach Umtausch auf die nächst kleinere Größe, ist federleicht und mein ACD mag es sehr. Sie steckt sogar freudig den Kopf durch, weil das Anziehen so easy geht. Radfahren mit dem Dogrunner geht nun viel besser als mit dem normalen Brustgeschirr. Super hilfsbereiter und unkomplizierter Kundenservice mit freundlicher Geduld und Engagement. Sehr emofehlenswert!

Jens von Krüchten 18-10-2016 18:39

Sehr gute Qualität der Ware.
Sehr guter und freundlicher Kundenservice.
Sehr hilfsbereit.
Kurz gesagt so wie man es sich wünscht.
Wenn mein Loki alt genug ist weiß ich wo sein Zuggeschirr gekauft wird.

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