Handsfree Dog Walking Running Jogging Waist Belt - neon yellow Pedding/ black with reflectors

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As every dog ​​owner knows, it is very pleasant to enjoy nature with your dear four-legged friend while at the same time having both hands free. Many dog ​​lovers associate this with leisure activities such as canicross, skijoring, dog trekking, jogging and tours. These are among the most popular and enjoy increasing popularity. Even a short or long walk is a pleasure from the start with this belt, as it can be put on quickly and easily with just one fastener

This running belt is also equipped with reflectors along the webbing for optimal safety even in the evening and at night. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, it fits perfectly and comfortably, so that you can hardly feel it even after long tours and heavy use. Regardless of whether you have a small or large four-legged friend, in any case all leisure activities are very pleasant. Another special feature is the rings on the side, which allow another four-legged friend to walk along with them. This makes dog sport a positive experience together with more dogs. The poster consists of an air circulating air mesh. This dries almost immediately and makes longer tours pleasant and comfortable. On the large front ring, joring lines can be fitted with either a carabiner or a loop at one end.

The LasaLine running belt is infinitely adjustable up to a circumference of 110cm. The color is black on the outside and equipped with sewn-in reflectors all around as shown in the picture. The color of the air-circulating upholstery is finished in neon pink.

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